Bronze ALU in few figures


more than 90 years of experience in foundry


more than 200 employees within Bronze Alu


production sites
France and Romania

1 300 000

annual parts production record

80 %

of sales are exported

22 000 m²

of production shop floor

Our key dates

  • 1927 - Company creation

    Foundation in France of Fonderie du CUPRO-ALUMINIUM by Marcel SCHAAD and his brother.

  • 1958 -

    The company is renamed 'Bronze Acior'

  • 1964 - Innovation

    Creation of the first gearbox fork for RENAULT 4L.

  • 1977 - Move

    The factory is transferred to LA COUTURE BOUSSEY (Eure)

  • 2004 -

    On July 12, BRONZE ACIOR is taken over by Francis BARGE, to become BRONZE ALU SAS.

  • 2006 - Certification

    Obtaining ISO TS 16949 certification v. 2002

  • 2006 - Aluminum

    First piece manufactured by high pressure injection of aluminum

  • 2007 - subsidiary in romania

    Creation of BRONZE ALU CARPARTI in Romania (Pittesti)

  • 2014 - aerospace

    First part for aerospace

  • 2018 -

    New visual identity

Our Markets

Our certifications


Quality commitment


Quality Management


Respect the environment

Men and women committed to common success

The development of BRONZE ALU is performed thanks to the active participation of its employees. Engineers and specialized technicians from our research department put their multidisciplinary skills and their experiences to your benefit.

They are attentive to your requirements, related to your product, your manufacturing process, to ensure the best responsiveness and success for your serial starts.

Research and development

Bronze Alu is consistantly looking for the best engineered solutions and processes for its customers Bronze Alu has partnerships with universities and owns several patents


For an aerospace customer, Bronze Alu succeeded in less than 4 months to go from early design to full production

Steps involved development of a new alloy ( and its specific heat-treatment), prototypes and setup of serial processes & suppliers

Design to cost

Developing a high resisting aluminum alloy has allowed Bronze Alu to design & manufacture a 100% aluminum gearbox fork, with neither steel bracket nor plastic overmolding for higher customer value


Bronze Alu has its own R&D and engineering capabilities : 

• Dedicated PhDs & technicians

• CAD stations

• Magma Simulation

• Metalurgy lab

• Mechanical test lab



Same team is managing the manufacturing of its products from raw material to shipping

  • Foundry

    Bronze Alu has a wide range of casting units to feed its next dowstream processes:

    • 15 HPDC untits from 180T to 1100T for aluminum parts
    • Several gravity die casting units for copper-aluminum parts

    Bronze Alu designs its injection molds ans maintains them in its own toolshop.

  • Machining

    Bronze Alu masters the turning and machining of very diversified sources of :

    • Raw castings

    • Forgings from various materials

  • Assembly

    Bronze Alu delivers finished-to-print parts by managing whole supply chain, through internal means and competitive external supply chain, including:

    • Mechanical & welded assembly

    • Plastic injection

    • Surface coating

    • Induction-hardening

    • Sandblasting, polishing,tumbling

    • X-ray inspection

    • Dimensional control

Automation vs low cost

Bronze Alu implements very automated lines for high volumes and high quality requirements

Whenever volumes are much lower and labor content is high, manufacturing is made in a low cost site

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